Thoughts on Bitcoin

Bitcoin, I believe after reviewing the protocol description here ->

is a US gov’t black op.  Here are the reasons I believe this to be true.

  1. The bitcoin protocol (not the code but the protocol) in its raw form, is highly obfuscated.  It’s obfuscated to a point that reveals that crypto-currency was not the intended use.  And the obfuscation is completely unnecessary.
  2. No fewer than 50 people worked on the core bitcoin code when it was “invented”.  This is evident in the lack of integration and coherence in the design and implementation of the protocol.  The design/implementation by committee is obvious in the design.
  3. The bitcoin protocol was (likely) not invented for the purpose of crytpocurrency but possibly for the secure transmission of encrypted messages which could be validated without doubt.
  4. The pre-bitcoin peer to peer network was operating in the clear on the internet and obfuscation was (likely) simply a tactic to confuse would be onlookers from its actual functioning.
  5. Bitcoin was released into the wild at around the same time as Stuxnet.
  6. Bitcoin is a cryptographic botnet in which any “bitcoin” transaction can use the full mining power of the bitcoin network as a brute force attack on any public/private key pair to enter the transaction into the “blockchain”.
  7. The NSA likely released Bitcoin as a means to outsource brute force attacks on encrypted transmissions to reduce the costs of doing so in house with a gamification/reward system for bitcoin miners.

In summary, although I am not an expert on cryptography, I am an expert on software and the products of software groups and the things that end up in software that can only be produced with certain intentions.

I believe that any forensic analysis of the bitcoin protocol would reveal the same results as I have posited.

(When I said that 50 people wrote the bitcoin protocol, it could have just as easily been two people, but only the 2 dumbest people on earth would have ended up with the current result (still possible).  So I believe that regardless of the number of typists that 50 people were involved which is the threshold for creating some of the shittiest protocol you can find.) (Lack of reason).



4 thoughts on “Thoughts on Bitcoin

  1. This is idiotic. If you are going to make such statements back them up, at least with some of your theories.

    My questions:
    1) How does obfuscating the protocol prove that crypto-currency is not the intended use?
    2) How does the number of developers prove lack of integration? This is idiotic – I know many apps built by a few people that have deep, we’ll built integrations.
    3) Why are you trying to twist the intention of the developer? A transaction is an encrypted message by definition, so what are you trying to imply?
    4) Why is hijacking a computer to mine bitcoins any different than hijacking a computer for any other purpose?
    5) Explain how the bitcoin botnet could be used for Bruce force attack?

    You admit you are not an expert on cryptography, but claim to be a software export. If you were a software expert you would know that code is not always written with a specific intent.

    • The code is irrelevant, the design is pertinent.

      Bitcoin was written using two teams of 25 people, design in software is greenfield work, the design of this was left out in favor of building tools which had enough sophistication to slap things like big and little endian bytes in the same package. It was most likely an output of the same project that created Stuxnet and used to secure communications. The design obfuscation is a ruse to imply that the creators were not experts when in fact they were.

      The creation of an invisible, ghost writer as the creator of Bitcoin appeals to geeks, if you want to know whether or not what Im saying is true, ask the bitcoin team on github to reveal where they got the ORIGINAL source, because there were no documents available at the time of bitcoins release from which this system could be built.

      To the contrary, the system was built and the document was written to legitimise it in reverse.

      As far as hacking is concerned, look at what bitcoin is. Its the largest (only) public SHA-256 public key brute force hack ever unleashed. So you dont need to hack it to brute force keys. All you need to do is submit a legit bitcoin transaction and let the network of 17 thousand terahashes pound away at it.

      Sounds pretty convenient doesnt it?

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